Mar 20, 2016

The Hogan Family

During the 1980s, the buzzword was "family values," which meant that only people who had heterosexual nuclear families had value. We heard again and again that the only life worth living involved husbands and wives raising horny teenager and wisecracking preteens.  That's why Married...with Children was such a big hit, immersed in a pool of Family Ties, Family Matters, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, and The Cosby Show.  

But there was a glimmer of inclusivity in The Hogan Family (1986-91), which began as Valerie, a star vehicle for Mary Tyler Moore Show second banana Valerie Harper  She played the matriarch of a nuclear family consisting of airline pilot husband Michael Hogan (Josh Taylor, left), horny teenager David (17-year old Jason Bateman, previously of It's Your Move and Silver Spoons), and wisecracking twins who looked nothing alike Mark (15-year old Jeremy Licht) and Willie (15-year old Danny Ponce).

After a season and a half, Harper left in the midst of a salary dispute -- and proved not indispensible.  Her character was killed, Aunt Sandy (Sandy Duncan) moved in, and the renamed series got top ratings for another three years.

As is common in nuclear family sitcoms, the kids soon took over.  The twins usually had episodes involving cheating, bullies, staying out past curfew, friends (notably Andre Gower), and the "discovery of girls."  By the last season, they were as heterosexually active as David.

Jeremy Licht had soft, androgynous features, and became the darling of the teen magazines.

Danny Ponce was frequently ignored. But many gay teens preferred him to Jeremy Licht

.Especially in later seasons, when he toned up.  Here's what he looks like after Hogan.

Jason Bateman was mostly ignored, too -- there are no shirtless teen idol pix of him anywhere.  But his David got most of the serious episodes (premarital sex, drunk driving, gambling), and he had ample time for buddy-bonding, particularly with the gay-coded teen-operator Rich (Tom Hodges).  Rich died of AIDS in a December 1990 episode.

They didn't specify how he contracted the disease, but as this was the first sitcom AIDS episode where everyone didn't yell "Blood transfusion!" over and over, the silence was more than enough.

Most of the cast members are gay allies.  Jason Bateman has played gay characters many times. Jeremy Licht and his wife Kimberly are vocal supporters of gay rights; 2012 he participated in Brice Beckham's CCOKC video (Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron).



  1. Hey, no pictures of Jeremy Licht! He was the cutest of the bunch!

  2. Surprised that Jeremy has a wife. I always thought he was gay.

  3. I had the biggest crush on Danny Ponce.

  4. I always got gay vibes from Jeremy Licht too and I definitely saw his character on the show as gay coded when I was growing up (although admittedly not as much as some other boy characters on sitcoms since then).. However, I was always more attracted to Danny Ponce than I was to Jeremy and, although I'd LOVED Jason Bateman on 'Silver Spoons', sometime during the time he had his own show 'It's Your Move', he hit a growth spurt and went from looking 12 to 16 seemingly overnight and I lost interest. Unfortunately I, for one, DID think Valerie Harper was indispensable. The show just had so much more depth with Harper as the lead (blending both comedy and drama seamlessly). After Sandy Duncan joined the show, it just turned into a standard run-of-the-mill sitcom with absolutely nothing special going for it other than cute teenage boys strutting around in tight jeans.

    1. Cute teenage boys in tight jeans are the main reason teenagers watch television. The other is cute teenage girls in tight jeans.

  5. Jeremy Licht *swoon*

  6. Jeremy Licht was gay-coded, but Danny Ponce wore the tightest pants I ever saw. You could see everything, in detail.

  7. Glad I'm not the only guy who enjoyed looking at these cute guys...
    Loved the short shorts of the 1980's.
    Is it jealousy, admiration, lust, or something else- that lead young men to be attracted to these male stars?


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