Jul 9, 2018

14 Beefcake Stars of "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23"

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 premiered in April 2012, oddly following the family-friendly Modern Family.  After 7 episodes, it was renewed for a second season, but episodes were shown out of sequence, leaving viewers confused.  In January 2013, it was abruptly cancelled, leaving 8 episodes of 26 unaired.  But you can see the whole series on Logo and Netflix (unfortunately, still not in the right order).

It's a buddy comedy about a wholesome, idealistic girl from hayseed-stereotyped Indiana, June Colburn (Dreama Walker) and her apartment mate, the fun, glamorous, and utterly amoral Chloe (Krysten Ritter), who makes her living through scams and frauds (but this is the New York of Friends, not Seinfeld, so even the evil are rather nice).  Through a constant stream of mishaps, crises, and long-cons, June learns to be more spontaneous, and Chloe develops a conscience, of sorts.

Their partner-in-hijinks is James Van Der Beek of Dawson's Creek, playing "himself" as obsessed with his dwindling fanbase and trying to make a comeback on Dancing with the Stars.  Celebrity competitors and colleagues often appear: Dean Cain, Frankie Muniz, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Richard Dean Anderson.

There's not much gay presence, except for screaming-queen Luther (Ray Ford), James' assistant, and some gay-subtext vibe between James and Mark (Eric Andre), the manager of the coffee shop where June works.

But the beefcake is constant.  The 26 episodes feature at least 14 hunks, mostly with their shirts off.

1. and 2. James Van Der Beek and Eric Andre (above).

3. Michael Blaiklock  (left) as Eli, the "pervert" who openly spies on them through the open window and offers friendly advice.

4. Michael Landes as Scott, Chloe's father.  She sets June up with him, without mentioning that parental thing.  Personally, I don't have any problems with dating guys old enough to be my father, or young enough to be my son, but June freaks out.

5. Ben Lawson as Benjamin, an Australian director who becomes part of Chloe's Halloween scam: she always makes someone's worst fear's come true.  But Chloe doesn't realize that Ben is scamming her, too, making her worst fear come true: the fear that she will genuinely care for someone.

6. Kyle Howard as Daniel, a "regular guy" that Chloe and June compete over in a bizarre dating game orchestrated by James -- without telling Daniel.

7. Hartley Sawyer as Charles, a dumb guy with amazing abs who June hooks up with to demonstrate that she's not a prude.  Unfortunately, she is then conned into becoming his girlfriend.

8. Ryan Windish as Beckett Everett, the owner of a shop where Chloe gets a job to enact her latest scam.

More after the break.

9.Tate Ellington as Steven, June's fiance from back in Indiana, who has been cheating on her for years.

10. Pryom Haider as a guy Luther dates.  Ok, he's only on screen for like 23 seconds, but can you think of a better way of spending 23 seconds?  Other than having him actually in the room with you, that is.

11. Jason Olive as Hot Trey, the guy Chloe sees when she's drunk.  When she is sober, he turns out to be somewhat less hot, plus mentally disabled (played by Thomas Lennon).  She decides to date him anyway, because he's rich.

12. Davi Santos as Anthony.  Chloe ordinarily wouldn't object to dating someone who is underage (the actor himself is 26), but she's trying to kick her habit of falling for inappropriate guys.

13.-14.  Alexander Aquino and Daniel Capellano as guys Jane considers dating, but finds something wrong with.

I think she's a little too picky.


  1. Just checked Netflix, it seems they no longer have the show.

    1. Sorry, things come and go quickly on Netflix. They expect you to binge watch.

  2. In other news, James van der Beek is still alive. What was he, like, a million when he played Dawson?

    Yeah, seems "too picky" is the TV single's biggest problem.

    1. If they weren't too picky, the guy would become a boyfriend and ruin the buddy dynamic. "Seinfeld" had an ongoing plotline about Jerry always finding something wrong with his dates.

    2. Family Guy does the same with Brian. Made all the more awkward because he likes them dumb so he can feel smart, but that's something he dumps them over.


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