May 3, 2020

10 Muscular Musselmans

When I was a kid, you found your images of hot guys anywhere you could.  Like on the jar of Musselman's Apple Sauce in the kitchen.

I don't like apple sauce -- sauce isn't a food, it goes on foods -- but I liked the label displaying a muscular guy lifting a gigantic apple.

The mussel in Musselman has nothing to do with muscles.   Different etymologies are suggested.

1. The Middle German term for "wood, forest"
2. The Dutch word for "mussel"
3. Muslim

The apple sauce company was founded by German immigrant Christian High Musselman (1880-1944).  It's still run by his descendants in Inwood, West Virginia, in the northern part of the state, near Hagerstown, Maryland.

The Musselman Corporation funded a high school in Inwood.  The team is called the Applemen, and the mascot is an Apple.

I looked around to see how many muscular Musselmans I could find.

1. Adam Musselman (right), attending Rider University in New Jersey.

2. Darren Musselman from Michigan, who manages a hospice program for the dying.

3. Dustin Musselman, a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

4. Dylan, technically not a Musselman, but most of the apples come from his family's farm.

5. Eric Musselman, a coach at the University of Nevada, seen here taking his clothes off to celebrate a victory.

More after the break.

6. Luke Musselman from Arizona, a high school student who had to drop out of football due to injuries, but found a new passion in powerlifting: bench 315, squat 555, dead 651.  He is heading for the world championships in Las Vegas in October 2018.

7. I'm not sure why this one showed up in my search.  It's a Geico Insurance commercial starring Christian comedian Tim Hawkins.

8. Jake Musselman from Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

9. I don't know what Musselman this is, but the photo is from a website with domain .pw, which stands for the Pacific island country of Palau.

10. Zack Musselman, a University of Utah wrestler.  The photo cut off his head, but still displays the important parts.


  1. And now the name makes me miss Regular Show.

    You know who else misses Regular Show? My mom!

    And now Adventure Time has ended. (It's a miracle it lasted this long with no promotion for years and CN's inability to understand a schedule.)

    1. Right, the "Muscle Man" character who actually wasn't muscular. I liked that show for the first couple of seasons, when there were strong gay subtexts, but when Mordecai and Rigby both got girlfriends, I gave up on it.


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