Dec 1, 2023

The Real Link to the "Treasure of Foggy Mountain" NSFW Review.

 I've had nothing but trouble with this review.  First I couldn't find the movie anywhere, not even on Vudu. It's Peacock or nothing.  Then I lost all of my photos, and had to download, crop, and de-saturate them all over again.  Then the link to the NSFW review was broken.  Then it led to the wrong website. I still only have 7 pageviews over on the NSFW site, and by this point I should have over 100.  


 The real link to the NSFW version of the Treasure of Foggy Mountain review. 

I've tested it like five times.  But I'm sure something else will go wrong.  Did the treasure of Foggy Mountain come with a curse? 

But...all of my Foggy Mountain photos are gone again.  So here's a random hunk.

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