Feb 24, 2018

The Police Uniform Fetish

When I was living in West Hollywood, police officers were the enemy.  When a police car drove past, everybody froze. You moved away from your boyfriend, hid your gay pride t-shirt, kept your eyes down. The slightest move, and you would be stopped, questioned, called "fag" or "fairy," and maybe arrested for "lewd conduct."

Today there are many gay and allied cops, and many police jurisdictions have non-discrimination policies, but still, police officers tend to be more homophobic than other social service workers.  They are more likely to believe that people "turn gay" due to "moral turpitude."

Sodomy laws in the U.S. were invalidated by the Supreme Court in 2003, but there are still "harassment" arrests.  Walk past a cop holding hands with your boyfriend, and you're still likely to be arrested for "lewd conduct."

Every year 7% of heterosexuals but over 30% of LGBT persons are stopped, questioned, or detained by the police.

Gender-atypical behavior is particularly likely to raise police hackles.  Some 75% of individuals with variant gender identities state that they have been arrested for the "crime" of being insufficiently masculine or feminine.

And nearly 30% of gay crime victims state that they have been further victimized by the police officer taking the report.

With that sort of gay-police antipathy, it's surprising that many gay men have a cop fetish.

Maybe it's the sense of danger, unpredictability.

Maybe it's a dominant-submission thing.  You fantasize about the cop taking charge in the bedroom.

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In BDSM scenes, the top usually plays the police officer role.  But I prefer scenes where the cop is the bottom.

There are surprisingly few muscle cops around.  You need to pass a physical fitness test to get onto the force, but it's minimal -- bench press 60% of your body weight, run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes.  And there are no ongoing requirements, so after a few years, the sedentary lifestyle takes its toll.  Cops over age 35 tend to be in worse physical condition than other professionals.  Their life expectancy is about 10 years less than average.

I've only dated one real-life cop.  Tall and thin, not at all muscular, although very, very big beneath the belt.

 It was awful -- not because he was a cop, because he was a jerk.

But I'm not averse to the idea of dating cops. There's something about a man in uniform....

There are nude cop photos on Tales of West Hollywood

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