Jan 3, 2020

The "Lost in Space" Robot Takes a Selfie

The iconic Lost in Space robot from my childhood was a clunky, clumsy thing with pincer-hands, a weird halo, and a voice box that glowed red when it said "Danger, Will Robinson."

It didn't really do anything except convey information like the computer on Star Trek.  Why make it mobile, except to sell robot toys?

The robot in the contemporary version of Lost in Space is humanoid, with a magic-mirror face and a tight bodysuit that bulges at the biceps (but not, unfortunately, at the crotch).  It makes you want to see more of whoever is underneath.

His name is Brian Steele (doubtless a stage name).  He's 63 years old, and he's got a breathlessly self-aggrandizing biography on IMDB:

Brian Steele has "two speeds: full-throttle and off."  He has "boundless energy" and stands "an astounding 6 foot 7 inches."

I think it was Mae West who said "Tell me more about the 7 inches."

Brian grew up in Michigan, bummed around the gay mecca of Key West for awhile, and then headed for L.A., where he was immediately signed on for the boy-meets-bigfoot TGIF sitcom Harry and the Hendersons  (1991-93).

After that, it was full-throttle into monster make-up and prosthetic faces.

10 episodes as an alien on the sci-fi series Earth 2 (1994-95).  He's the one with the biceps.

Kothaga, a lizard-god who awakens in a Chicago museum and starts eating people (The Relic, 1997).

Thoad, a snuggly alien who shows up in a teenage boy's bedroom (Can of Worms, 1999).

Throne Demon
Jumbo the Elephant God
Hell Knight
Tattooed Zombie
Werewolf Performer

Berserker Predator
The Creature

No non-masked roles, that I can find.

But no hetero-romances, either on screen or in real life.  I can't find any references to a wife or girlfriend.

Maybe Brian Steele doesn't want any ladies slowing him down.

Or maybe he's into guys.

And what's he look like under the make-up, with all of his 6 feet and 7 inches on display? Especially the 7 inches...

Brian is very stingy about physique shots.  Nothing on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Grindr.

But after assiduous searching, I finally found a selfie:


  1. The new robot is the best thing about the series- and now Dr Smith is a woman?!

    1. She's a con artist who stole the identity of Dr. Zachary Smith. But she never gets redeemed, like in the original series where they forgot about that sabotage thing and made Dr. Smith a comic foil.


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