Nov 30, 2012

Goes with Salami: The Art of Being Andrew Levitas

In Psycho Beach Party (2000), Andrew Levitas plays a gay guy named Provoloney. But according to the DVD liner notes, this is impossible, since the hunky actor has been "melting female hearts" for years. Just female hearts. No gay guys exist.

Entertainment journalists seem obsessed with pretending that no gay people exist, but they picked the wrong guy with Andrew Levitas.  The apparently heterosexual New York native has played gay characters several times, in the comedy In and Out (1997), the gay slasher Hellbent (2004), and Beauty Shop (2005).

He has also been involved in writing and production, although his film The Art of Getting By (2011) was a traditional heterosexist "boy grows up through hetero-romance" story.

But his first love is art.  He specializes in avant-garde artforms such as "photographic sculptures" and "organic abstractions," which have gained him considerably acclaim in the art world.

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