Mar 6, 2013

Travis Turner: A Prince for Christmas

Kids who are keeping track of the live-action versions of The Fairly Oddparents probably noticed Travis Turner as a surly elf in Nickelodeon's Fairly Odd Christmas.  And he looks so much like teen idol Chace Crawford (left) that even Nickelodeon can't tell them apart, misidentifying him on its "Teen Nick" website.

They may not know that the diminuitive, elfish 23-year old has a large following in his native Vancouver as a rapper and dj.  He has released an album under the name Little T: Back to Basics.

Travis is an accomplished actor, performing in Midsummer Night's Dream and Lord of the Flies on stage, and in a number of tv series and movies in the comedy, drama, and teen gore genres.  Often as threatened kids:

Chased by a serial killer dressed as the Easter Bunny in Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)

A boy imprisoned in a basement in Confined (2010).

Or gay-vague threatening kids:

A boy who turns an entire town into demons (with a little help from his brother) on Supernatural (2011).

Or sometimes just gay vague:

In Marley and Me: The Puppy Years (2011), Travis plays Bodi Grogan, the owner of a talking dog who causes mayhem at a dog show, but apparently breaks with "family movie" tradition by not getting a girlfriend.

In A Princess for Christmas (2011), Travis plays Milo Huntington, a teenage orphan who travels to Europe with his legal guardian, the 20-ish Jules.  They meet the Duke's son, Ashton (Sam Heughan, right, seen here getting ready for action in the gay-themed A Plague over England).  Ashton falls in love with Jules, but also buddy-bonds with Travis and draws him out of his depression, making him smile for the first time since his parents died.

He is currently starring as the gay-coded Astor in the Canadian teencom Some Assembly Required.

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