Aug 14, 2016

12 Unexpected Nickelodeon Teen Hunks

Of the three major juvenile tv networks, The Disney Channel has nearly sewn up the beefcake.  But Nickelodeon has its share, too,  gleefully displaying spectacular pecs and abs not only of the main cast, but of the pesky kid brothers, fey antagonists, and bespectacled nerds.

1. David Cade as Jett Stetson, a snobbish, arrogant actor who bedevils the down-to-earth boy band on Big Time Rush.  David previously starred in the gay-themed Steam Room Stories.

2. Former model Jordan Nichols (left) as spoiled rich kid Cameron Vanhauser, who bedevils the teenage martial artists on Supah Ninjas.

3. Gay actor Lucas Cruikshank as Marvin Marvin, an alien hiding out with a Earth family, whose impressive physique belies his goofball character.  Plus Angel Amaral (left) as his goofy best friend Ben.

4. Raja Penske of Unfabulous.

5. Avan Jogia (left) as Beck Oliver, an artsy, somewhat feminine student at the Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts on Victorious.

6. Nathan Kress as Freddie, the nerdy camera operator for the teen-produced webshow ICarly.  Though his biceps began to swell to epic proportions as the years passed, he steadfastly refused to appear shirtless on camera.

7. Glenn McCuen (left) as Aloe, yet another snobbish bully, in the buddy comedy Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. 

8. Another former model, Eugene Simon, as the abrasive, manipulative Jerome Clark on House of Anubis.

9. On Grachi, the Nickelodeon Latin America series about a teenage witch, oddball outsider Tony Gordillo wears nerd horn-rimmed glasses and garishly unfashionable clothing, but when the nerd costume comes off, he's supermodel Mauricio Henao (left).

10. Miles Szanto, who previously fell in love with Xavier Samuel in Drowning on Australian tv, as the devoted servant of teenage Alex, The Elephant Princess.

11. Sebastian Gregory as JB, Alex's best friend.

12. Jack Griffo (left) as Max Thunderman, a 14-year old who shares superpowers with his twin sister, on The Thundermans (upcoming).

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  1. Glenn McCuen is hot, but Buckett & Skinner was cancelled after only one season


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