May 17, 2013

Benjamin Rojas: Argentine Disney Channel Teen Idol

Born in Argentina in 1985, Benjamin Rojas got his start in Chiquititas (1998), as a jungle boy who gets a girlfriend.  He gained teen idol attention in the telenovela  Rebelde Way (2002-2003), about teens in an exclusive private high school in Buenos Aires.  Pablo Bustamante (Benjamin), son of a famous politician, was the central character, a wealthy, charismatic prettyboy who falls in love with girls a lot.  I never saw it, but apparently there was some buddy bonding and a gay-vague character.  And a lot of ecstatic teen fan chatter.

Next came Floricienta (2004-2005), a teen telenovela that reprises the Cinderella story, with a poor girl becoming a nanny to a rich man, Federico (Juan Gil Navarro).  Benjamin played Federico's brother.  No gay content, but a "mistaken for gay" episode.

Same thing in Alma Pirata (2006): he puts on the swish in order to sneak into a gay nightclub.

But at least there's some buddy bonding on his resume.  La Leyenda (2008) was a classic buddy-bonding movie about two race car drivers (Benjamin, Pablo Rago).

Jake and Blake (2009-2010), a Latin American Disney Channel series shot entirely in  English, had Benjamin playing identical twins separated at birth and reunited as teenagers, when one saves the other's life.  They decide to do a Prince and the Pauper-style switch.

Cuando me sonreis (When You Smile at Me, 2011) was about a man (Facundo Arana) reuniting with his long-lost brother (Benjamin).

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