Sep 2, 2013

Adam Irigoyen: Disney Teen Operator

Adam Irigoyen, #10 on my list of Unexpected Disney Channel Teen Hunks, plays Deuce Martinez on Shake It Up (2010-2013), about a group of aspiring dancers.  Deuce is a teen operator who works at the hangout Crusty's and gets involved with wild moneymaking schemes.

Like most teencom boys, Deuce is obsessively girl-crazy and soon gets a steady girlfriend, but he also has a permanent, emotionally intense bond with his best friend, dancer Ty Blue (Roshon Feagan).  In "Parent Trap It Up," they double date, but tire of the girls' bickering, so they go off by themselves.  In "My Fair Librarian It Up," Ty becomes jealous when Deuce likes another boy.

Outside Shake It Up, his credits include episodes of Whitney, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Good Luck Charlie, plus 24 episodes of the obstacle course game show Wipeout!

He is also a singer, with a popular music video, "School Girl."  It reprises the plot and dance moves of the 1980s John Hughes movie Breakfast Club, about a Saturday detention, with no one falling in love, though the lyrics, in English and Spanish, are entirely heterosexist: "School girl, could you be my girlfriend?  You got me going...when I saw you walking with your books...tell me, will you be my girlfriend?"

I haven't seen much more gay content in his work, but he's friends with gay-positive actors Jake T. Austin (right) and Ryan Ochoa (center), so I imagine that he's gay-positive also.

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