Nov 19, 2013

One Direction: Gay Rumors, Heterosexist Lyrics

When I heard the name "One Direction," I immediately assumed that it was a fundamentalist Christian boy band, deriving their name from the popular fundy "One Way" slogan.  But apparently they weren't aware of the fundy slogan and just thought it sounded cool.

They consist of:
1. Niall Horan
2. Liam Payne (left)
3. Zayin Malik (below)
4. Harry Styles
5. Louis Tomlinson

They finished third on The X Factor in 2011, but still got a recording contract, and released their debut album, Up All Night, in September 2011.  Two other studio albums followed, plus lots of tours and screaming teenage fans.

Their lyrics are explicitly heterosexist, with "Girl! Girl! Girl!' every other word.

I wanna stay up all night, and find a girl and tell her she's the one
Girl, I see it in your eyes, you're disappointed
Girl, what would you do, would you wanna stay...

Boy bands and their managers typically assume that no gay boys exist, so their fans are all teenage girls. One Direction's gay fans often feel alienated and alone.

The band's frequent butt and crotch grabs, kissing, and hugging in underwear in bed  grabbing each other's butts and crotches, kissing, lying about in bed together, leading to rumors that they're gay.  When fans make such a horrible accusation, the fan boards go wild with "defenses": "Why you got to hate?"; "They're normal, get a life!".

Harry Styles has been linked romantically to gay dj Nick Grimshaw, but he stated, "I'm not bisexual" (or gay, either, presumably).  Nick, meanwhile "defended" him gainst the "accusation" by saying that their relationship is "perfectly normal."

News flash, Nick.  Being gay was removed from the psychiatric Bible, the DSM, in 1973.  Gay people should really be aware of that.  Maybe he's using the ICD-10 instead.  Being gay wasn't removed from that until 1992.

Niall Horan is not homophobic.  On November 16, he was spotted at the G-A-Y Club in London, listening to his former girlfriend Ellie Goulding perform.

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