Nov 22, 2013

Jayson Blair's Hard Times

29-year old Jayson Blair has been in so many gay-subtext and gay-positive projects that you'd be surprised to discover that he's heterosexual in real life.

1. Chris, a gay singer and dancer on Glee (2009). 

2. The lesbian comedy Public Relations (2010).

3. The Hard Times of RJ Berger (2010-11), about a well-endowed high schooler.  Jayson played the homophobic Max, who turned out to be gay (but not well-endowed).

4. Detention of the Dead (2012). His jock Brad buddy-bonds with Jimmy (Max Adler) in the boys' restroom after the whole school turns into zombies.  He jokes that "they both go gay."

5. The New Normal (2012-13).  Jayson plays Clay Clemmons, the dimwitted estranged husband of the surrogate mother to the gay couple.

6. The marriage-equality movie In Sickness and in Health (2014).  Jayson plays half of a gay couple.

But the gay ally is indeed heterosexual.  He was romantically involved with Rumer Willis, the daughter of Hollywood legend Bruce Willis.

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