Oct 11, 2016

Jake and Logan Paul, the Internet Brothers who Became Superstars

Getting famous today doesn't require an agent, a recording contract, or a public relations firm.  It requires a social media account, creativity, and killer abs.

Jake and Logan Paul are brothers from Cleveland who started posting goofy photos and videos on the social media sites Vine and Youtube, and before they knew it, they were stars.

6.5 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million followers on Vine, 1.0 million followers on Twitter.

My blog has 7.5 million page views.  Logan's Vine has 4 billion.

When he's not posting, 21-year old Logan is a former high school wrestler now studying industrial engineering at Ohio University and doing some acting.

He's appeared on Law and Order: SVU, Stitchers, and Foursome, and stars in the Youtube Red movie The Thinning.

19 year old Jake dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, and found that being a social media star opened a lot of doors.  He has appeared in the teen comedies Dance Camp (2016) and Mono (2016), and is now starring in the Disney Channel's Bizaardvark.

He has published nude full-frontal selfies in Instinct magazine, making him probably the  only actor to pose nude for a gay magazine while starring in a Disney Channel teencom.

You can see the nude photo on Tales of West Hollywood.


  1. Sorry, Boomer. But these guys are garbo
    Logan Paul showed a dead body on his channel and I'm honestly sorry he's not gay because then maybe I might hate him less
    Also Jake Paul tried to rap and that should be illegal

    1. This post is from before the suicide incident.

  2. The wrestling thing might be a deciding factor: The Paul bros now want to challenge KSI to a fight. On YouTube.

    Yeah, they're attention whores and everything wrong with Google buying Vine, leading to YouTube having its own eternal September. But hey, they could probably teach Marshall McLuhan a thing or two. (Including that fallacies, by definition, tend to be wrong.) They clearly make money running back and forth across Shibuya Crossing like morons.


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