Mar 10, 2016

Weird Science

The 1985 movie Weird Science was terrible, an entry in the "sex with the babysitter" genre that featured nontop assertions that gay people don't exist.  But strangely enough, the spin-off tv series (1994-97) was not terrible.

1. The boys, Gary (John Mallory Asher) and Wyat (Michael Mannaseri) do create a magical computerized babe named Lisa (Vanessa Angel), but she is neither sex partner nor sex object; she acts more as their big sister and mentor.

2. Of the 26 first and second season episodes, only 5 involve dating/romancing girls.  The others are wacky science fiction adventures:

Gary ends up stuck in a time loop, repeating the same events over and over.

Wyatt becomes President of the United States

Clones of Gary and Wyatt take over their lives

3. Lisa never removes any articles of clothing, but Gary and Wyatt and their male peers are often displayed as shirtless, in swimsuits, in the shower, in locker rooms.

4. Gary and Wyatt may be aggressively heterosexual, but older brother Chet (Lee Tergesen, later to display full frontal nudity on Oz) has almost no interest  in girls.

An amazing turn-around from the movie.

The same plot was used in the 2014 Disney Channel movie How to Make a Better Boy.


  1. I always assumed Lisa was named after one of Apple's greatest failures.

    Though I did ref one episode in a convo with an old roomie: "R, if you want to sashay around naked, fine, I'll even join you if you want, but, when we're on the bottom floor, close the curtains; the neighbors are complaining."

  2. I thought there was some homoerotic/gay subtext in the movie.
    Bill Paxton's reaction at seeing his brother wearing panties is to rip off his towel (to cover his brother while exposing himself). I thought there was subtext there that he was attracted to his brother.


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