May 23, 2013

The Boys of Rebelde

Rebelde (2011-2012) is a teen telenovela modeled on the Argentine Rebelde Way (with Benjamin Rojas), about teenagers in an exclusive private school who form a band.  But it upped the beefcake and the gay subtexts of the original.

There are two versions, Brazilian and Mexican.

1. Pedro (Micael Borges) enrolls in the private school in order to avenge his father's death, but ends up falling in love with the daughter of the man responsible.

2. Diego (Arthur Aguilar, left) is his best friend, but when they both date the same girl, they have a falling out and break up.

3. The gay-vague Tomas (Chay Suede) steps in while Pedro and Diego are "on a break."

4. Meanwhile, Joao (Michel Gomes) aggressively courts Diego.

5. Teo (Bernardo Falcone) is the slim, stylish, gay-vague "best friend" to all the girls.

6. Fabio (Pedro Cassiano) is the chief antagonist.

7. Rafael (Rodrigo Costa), a gay character, who seems to hang around just to get bullied and discriminated against.

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