Apr 2, 2018

10 Surprising Beefcake Stars of "The Walking Dead"

Are you still watching The Walking Dead?  We are, although I'm not sure why.  Season 8 has been horrendous, as Rick's Alexandria community (I can't call them the good guys, as they do reprehensible things) launches an all out war on Negan's Saviors, with the help (or not) of various other communities: Hilltop, Oceanside, the Scavengers, the Kingdom.  Mostly it means driving down endless roads or running down endless hallways, shooting at people, and killing off extras. 

While making ridiculous decisions.  Look, there's the guy you've been trying to kill for the last month.  He's standing in front of you, unarmed, and you have a gun.  What do you do? 
a. Shoot
b. Say "I'm going to kill you" until he's had a chance to escape.

There are two gay characters, but they've both lost their partners, and there's not much time to date with a war going on.

Not much beefcake, either -- during the zombie holocaust, the gyms are all closed.  But you can pass the time in all of the boredom by wondering what the guys look like naked.  I've found some surprises.

1. Khary Payton (above), who plays King Ezekial, the Elizabethan-accented leader of the Kingdom, has been holding out on us.  That's quite a physique for a 45-year old straight guy.

2.Steven Ogg plays Simon, right-hand man of the baseball-bat wielding Negan, who is more brutal: "Let's go to Hilltop and kill everyone there!"  I've rarely seen abs like that.  Are they real?

3. If you blink, you'll miss Eduardo (Peter Zimmerman), a guard at Hilltop -- the one who slides open the gate for you.  Apparently it takes a lot of upper body strength to handle those gates.

4. MMA fighter Mike Seal plays Gary, one of Negan's lieutenants.

5. Without the long hair and scruffy beard, Joshua Mikel (Savior Jared) has a slim, androgynous twink thing going on.

More after the break.

6. Todd, a young, scared Savior, is played by teen idol Lee Norris.

7.  Daniel Newman, who plays one of the Kingdom's warriors, is bisexual and buffed.

8. Avi Nash as Siddiq, a doctor who joins Hilltop, shows off his shoulders and traps in Learning to Drive (2016)

9. Jesus from the Hilltop is played by Tom Payne, who got naked in Cal (2013).  I can't show you his underwear shot.

10. Chandler Riggs, who played Rick's son Carl, has been fired, and moved on to attend Emory University, but I couldn't resist.  He's bulked up nicely.

I'm not nearly finished (The Walking Dead has a cast of hundreds; it must be frightfully expensive to produce).  Maybe I'll do a "10 More Surprising Beefcake Stars" post.


  1. That's a pic of Chad Michael Murray, not Lee Norris.

    1. Google images said it was Lee Norris. I don't know who Chad Michael Murray is.

  2. I remember clickbait articles "Jesus is gay" a few years back.


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