Nov 7, 2013

Christian Fortune: the Gay Posse Connection

I haven't been able to find out much about Christian Fortune, the #1 member of Jake T. Austin's Gay Posse.  I know that they were inseparable; they did a commercial (left) and a webseries together; but what else has Christian done?

According to the IMBD, he was born in 1991 in Pasadena, California.  His first film credit was The Perfect Game (2009), with Jake T. Austin, Jansen Panettiere, Moises Arias, and several other young actors who all became friends.  He's done some Disney Channel teencoms, some short films, and some dramas (directed by his father Todd Fortune).

He has three upcoming projects.  The most promising is Youngsville (2013), a sort of Blair Witch Project about three teenagers (Christian, Tyler Steelman, Christopher David) who escape from a juvenile detention facility in rural North Carolina to face a worse danger. Christian is listed as one of the writers, and Todd Fortune, naturally, is the director.

I've checked his twitters and instagrams, and nothing particularly significant presents itself.  He mentions "falling for a girl," but he also describes himself in gender-atypical terms as "beautiful," and seems to imply that he wants to have children with a male friend.

Other than Jake T. Austin, he seems to spend most of his time with homophobic teen idol Christian Beadles.

So I can't decide: gay, heterosexual, or bisexual?  Gay-positive or homophobic?  Jake T. Austin's buddy or boyfriend?

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