Nov 3, 2017

7 Beefcake Stars in Kai's Cult in "American Horror Story"

In the new season of American Horror story, creepy Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) starts a "Make America Great Again" cult with some disenfranchised women and an army of blue-jacket thugs.  Good for his plans of taking control of the U.S. and becoming the next Orange Goblin, and good for viewers, since we get to see the super-hunks cast as thugs in their underwear, listening to "bedtime stories" about cult suicides.

The thugs all have whimsical names, to depersonalize them.  They are:

1. Speed Wagon: Cameron Cowperthwaite, who can also be seen on The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt and several gay-themed shorts.

2. Sandstorm: Jess Allen, who has a long list of credits playing bullies, thugs, henchmen, "Buff Guy," and Claire's friend on Modern Family.

3. Pus Bucket: Caleb Foote.  I think he's the one on the left, with the abs.

4. Heart Attack: Johnny Gorman, in his first tv role.

5. Tripod: Dustin King, also in his first tv role.  I assume he's Tripod because he has a third leg.

6. Gutterball: Kaiwi Lyman, originally from Hawaii, a Hollywood fixture since 2003. 

7. Unnamed: Danny Belford, who has had guest spots on a dozen tv series and Grease Live (2016), mostly as a dancer.

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  1. Don't bad mouth goblins! Why, some of my greatest Magic victories have involved blowing up a goblin in my opponent's face. To say nothing of Piledriver...

    I know I've seen Lyman elsewhere; I'm just not sure where. (Actually, he reminds me of David Chokachi circa 10 years ago: Still good-looking, but past his prime. Thinned a bit.)

    David Wong wrote a book set in an over-the-top future where the villain is basically a MAGA stand-in, even when Hair Furor was a joke candidate. Molech goes around shirtless a lot. He even has the 4chanism down pat, talking about how he wants to take his new hand for a "test drive".

    This future itself makes me think of Barbarella, Fifth Element, Flash Gordon, and the Metropolis anime all at once.


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