Nov 1, 2017

Friday Fun Day: 3 Hookups and a Flake

After my amazing success with a craigslist ad a few weeks ago, I've been putting the ad up again every Friday, when I don't have to be on campus.   Last week was a dud, but this week was quite successful.  Until I flew too close to the sun.

9:30 am: Chris, 33, 6'0, 160, asks "How do I know this isn't a setup?"

"Gay sex is legal in this state," I answer.

He arrives wearing a dirty orange construction company sweater: scruffy beard, a very smooth, very skinny physique.

11:30 am: Grant, 44, 6'0, 250, say that he was waiting for his nephew to get out of his appointment with his probation officer.

2:00 pm. Wayne, 65, 6'0, 200, from Minnesota, in town for a conference.

I bring him into the bedroom and start kissing him.

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