May 29, 2024

Picco: A lot of male nudity among the brutal, homophobic inmates of a German youth prison

Link to the male nudity

Someone recommended the German psychological horror movie Picco, about the inmates at a juvenile detention center  -- "lots of naked bodies on display."  There's bound to be some buddy-bonding, and maybe some homoerotic relations, right? 

Wikipedia says that it features a "troubled young man" named Jakub, who becomes enmeshed in a "harsh social hierarchy" and "the brutal realities of life behind bars."  That's like every prison movie ever made.

The IMDB doesn't mention a Jakob.  Here it's Kevin, a new boy in the prison, played by Constantine Jascheroff, who may be in the top photo -- one website says that it's Constantine, and another, that it's Martin Kiefer.  Anyway, he has to deal with three surthly, belligerant, homophobic cellmates. The Variety review names them:

1. The psycho-violent Marc, played by Frederick Lau. This is from another movie.

2. His belligerant crony, Andy, played by Martin Kiefer

3. The weak, sensitive Tommy, played by Joel Basman.  I don't know why everyone in a German movie has an English name.

They brutalize Kevin, over and over, until he eventually realizes that he can acquire social capital by helping them brutalize the weaker  boys.

They devise a plan to torture the weakest boy, either Tommy or someone unspecified, so brutally that he will commit suicide to escape.  The torture is apparently relentless. The Hollywood Reporter states that : "Many walkouts occurred during the Cannes screening I attended, and one Frenchman angrily shouted out as he left, “they might as well show scenes of torture from Auschwitz!” and others seemed to agree."

Buddy bonding:
 Not likely.  The boy interact only to insult each other, discuss the girls they would like to rape, and gang up on someone they want to brutalize.

Left Aram Arami, playing Miguel.

 Gay characters?  No. The boys talk about heterosexual sex all the time, and call each other homophobic slurs, although none is actually gay. 

So two hours of homophobic torture porn.

Why is male nudity common only when the guy is about to have sex with a lady, or being brutalized?  

The person who recommended Picco must be from Germany.  It's not available for streaming in the U.S., except on the JustDial website.

Most of the cast is nude on RG Beefcake and Bonding

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