Dec 26, 2023

John Cena: playing the first canonical bisexual superhero in DC tv history?


John Cena began his career as a professional bodybuilder, but switched to wrestling,.  Originally he played heels, such as a foul-mouthed rapper, the Doctor of Thuganomics, but soon he switched to heroic characters.  He was named world champion in the WWE 16 times before moving into semi-retirement and starting a new career in acting.

Like many muscular men, Cena found his niche in comedy.  He guested in teencoms like True Jackson and Hannah Montana, and played the Dad in all three of the Fred movies (remember Fred?).

Roles in feature films followed: Cool Dad in Daddy's Home, Pazuzu (a drug dealer, not the demon) in Sisters, cyclist Gustav in Tour de Pharmacy.

But his breakout role was probably Peacemaker, in The Suicide Squad (2021), a DC Cinematic Universe film about misfit superheroes sent to South America to take down an alien threat. Peacemaker was a "douche-y dude-bro" with little character development, but his comedic bits (and his underwear scene) led to a tv spin off, Peacemaker (2022).  He got a new set of allies and enemies, a lot more underwear shots, and, amid a lot of hetero-romances,  a gay subtext romance with his best friend/roommate

Cena decided that he wanted his character to be openly bisexual, not just in subtext, so he comes out.  In one line, never mentioned again, but that's the way skittish tv producers do things.  It's a start.

There are nude photos of John Cena on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends

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