Aug 30, 2018

Men in Handcuffs

If you're interested in BDSM, sooner or later you will run across someone's stash of photographs of attractive men who have been arrested, and are being led off (or dragged off) in handcuffs.  Shirtless, or sometimes even naked.

The problem is, you don't know who these men are, or what crimes they are being charged with.  They could be murderers or rapists.  They could be charged with possession of marijuana or disturbing the peace.

You have to distance yourself from their alleged criminality, and concentrate on the erotic potential.

1.Insouciant nudity.

2. Why are the cops so interested in his butt?

3.  The School to Prison Pipeline means that teenagers are now being arrested and charged with crimes for things that used to get you detention.

4. The guy is losing his pants.

5.  Don't they usually let you get dressed when you are arrested?

More after the break.

6.  What's with the silver belt?  Or is that duct tape?

7.  Episodes of Cops are especially good at providing shirtless suspects.

8.He's wearing underwear under his underwear.

9.  Finally, a suspect with a physique.

10. Who was that masked man?

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