May 7, 2024

"The Fullness of Man" or "A Full Man" or "Filling a Man." Whatever, it has a wild penis scene.


Link to the wild penis scene

While I am scrolling through my "nude photo" feed, I am shocked to find two that are extremely explicit.  In the first, an older man wearing a suit catches a young man having anal sex with his boyfriend.  So Dad didn't know that he was gay?  In the second, the young man confronts the older man -- while fully aroused, and huge!

The caption says Tom Pelphrey, whom I've never heard of, in the movie A Man in Full.  It must have a gay theme -- gay men being accused of being "not really men," and all that.

Tom Pelphrey has 10,000 photos on the internet, but he usually looks much older, so this must be a movie from early in his career.  Probably European -- what American movie would show full arousal?

More research reveals that he starred in Ozark, but I can't tell which character.  An article in People says Perry Abbott, but a Reddit feed says that he was AMAZING as Ben.  The Ozark wiki mentions Ben, "a major antagonist in the third season," but not Perry Abbott, so People must be wrong.

Here's a long shot of Ben's butt.

Next I try to look up A Man in Full, but it's such a nonsensical title that I keep searching on A Full Man and The Fullness of Men instead.   When I finally get the title right, it's not an artsy European movie from the early 2000s, it's a tv series that dropped on Netflix in 2024!  Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker, played by famous actor Jeff Daniels, goes bankrupt, and has to defend his empire. Isn't that, like, "Succession"?  

Jeff Daniels is best known for the adulation of 1990s stupidity Dumb and Dumber. Here he shows a bulge in Something Wild (1986).

Tom Pelphrey plays "Raymond Peepgrass" Ridiculous name! This guy is a voyeur of lawns?

Wikipedia doesn't say who he is, so I'm assuming from the photo, the rich guy's lawyer?  Why would he care if his lawyer is gay?

More after the break

Looking for a photo of Croker and Peepgrass -- Peepgrass? --  together, I get the name of the series wrong again!

Reviews mention "a wild scene" and "a shocking scene," but fail to say what episode, so I surmise the last, "Judgment Day."  I fast forward to the very last scene, to find:

Croker stumbles upon Peepgrass -- Peepgrass? - having anal sex with a woman!  

She runs away while Croker yells "Martha, how could you?"  So she's his wife.  

Peepgrass puts on a towel.  Croker asks "How dare you?"

He takes off the towel, revealing that he is still aroused. Croker looks down several times and admits that he has a "big red dog."

Then Peepgrass explains, with a story about how, in Scotland, you would poach several things from the landowner's property to humiliate him.  He has taken over Croker's empire, so the final humiliation will be screwing his wife.

Spoiler alert:

Croker doesn't like this very much, so he starts to strangle Peepgrass -- although at one point it looks like Peepgrass is strangling himself, so Crocker will get a murder rap. I don't think you can successfully strangle yourself with just your hands.

During the strangulation, Croker has a heart attack, so they fall to the floor simultaneously.  The end.

The only other nude scene in the series is John Michael Hill experiencing racism, below.

I can't find any reference to LGBT characters, but the original novel by Tom Wolfe has characters mentioing gay rights disparagingly as "gay rats." 

Nor can I find a reference to what the heck "a full man" or "a man in full" or "the fullness of man" means.

So, was all this research worth it?

Are you kidding?

There's a peek at Peepgrass on RG Beefcake and Bonding.  

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