Oct 8, 2017

Halloween Tales of Beefcake

Tales of Halloween (2015) is an anthology of 10 Halloween-themed stories.  It made the rounds of film festivals and was released on video-on-demand, and now is streaming on Netflix.

The stories all have different writers and directors, so they vary tremendously in tone, some grotesquely violent, some humorous. And in quality: clever, even intriguing plotlines juxtaposed with boring cliches.

But they have one thing in common: they cast some of the most attractive beefcake stars who ever sat on a casting couch.

1. "Sweet Tooth": A candy-seeking serial killer, with  Austin Falk as Kyle.

2. And Hunter Smit as the Killer.

3. "The Night Billy Raised Hell": a young boy eggs the house of a reclusive man who turns out to be the Devil.  With Adam Pascal as The Dentist.

4. "Ding Dong": A man learns that his wife eats children.  With Marc Senter as Jack.

5. "Trick": Vigilante trick-or-treaters.  With John F. Beach as James.

More after the break.

6. "The Weak and the Wicked": A boy summons a demon to get revenge on three bullies.  With Noah Segan as Bart. (No gay shower scene, though).

7. And BooBoo Stewart as Isaac

8. "The Ransom of Rusty Rex": the classic story "The Ransom of Red Chief," except instead of a bratty kid, it's a monster.  With Sam Witwer as Hank.

9. And Jose Pablo Cantillo as Dutch.

10. "Bad Seed": A giant carnivorous pumpkin. With Noah Nevins as Cheerleader Boyfriend.

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