Mar 26, 2014

Ross Lynch's Top 10 Hunks

Austin & Ally has become the Disney Channel's most popular teencom, due primarily to the charm and charisma of Ross Lynch as aspiring singer Austin Moon, and his chemistry with Calum Worthy as goofy sidekick Dez.

But they aren't alone.  Disney has done a good job of filling the screen with models, beefcake actors, muscular physiques of all sizes and shapes.  Here are the top 10 Austin & Ally hunks:

1. Noah Centineo (left) as Ally's crush Dallas. The actor has also appeared on Jessie, Shake It Up, and Marvin Marvin, and he will be starring in the upcoming How to Build a Better Boy (2014).

2. Cameron Deane Stewart (left), who starred in the gay-themed Geography Club (2013), as Jace, boyfriend of the exuberant Trish.

3. Gabriel Benitez as a keyboard player in the episode "Secrets & Songbooks."

4. Singer/songwriter Trevor Jackson as Trent, Trish's ex-boyfriend.

5. Gregory Marcel (left), star of the gay-themed Sun-Kissed (2006), as Austin & Ally's Stage Manager.

6. Little Person actor/comedian Nic Novicki as "Larry" in the episode "Mixups & Mistletoes"

7. Troy Osterberg (left) as Ethan, a boy who flirts with Trish in "Costumes & Courage."

8. Greg Worswick as Bill, who works at the Surf Shop.

9. Travis Wong as a Ninja in the episode "Real Life and Reel Life" and a dancer in "Viral Videos and Very Bad Dancing."  He also had a recurring role as Yamato the Fighting Robot on Supah Ninjas.

10. Cody Allen Christian, Mike Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars, as Ally's old friend Elliot.

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