Jun 11, 2024

Jeremy Allen White: "Shameless," "The Bear," a sex tape, and a drag Little Orphan Annie


I had no idea who Jeremy Allen White was until I saw this Calvin Klein commercial. A chest with no head.

And a disembodied bulge.

According to the IMDB, he is currently starring in The Bear, as a chef trained in haute cuisine who is forced to become a cook in a rundown greasy spoon.  I haven't seen it --- I heard it was intensely homophobic.

Here he appears to be walking down a corridor plastered with newspapers, showing his tats but not his face.

He also stars in The Iron Claw, about three wrestling brothers who face constant tragedy.  I haven't seen that, either -- f*k the sadness.  Um...another disembodied bulge?

Come on, when are we going to see this guy's face?

He displays a butt and a partial dick in Shameless.  Jeremy played Lip, the most intellectual of the sons of crime boss Frank Gallagher.

Jeremy showed his butt quite often during the series, usually while having sex with a girl.

She's hard to see here, with your eyes naturally drawn to the books, but the feminine is a constant focus of his phallus.

Another where he's mounting a girl from behind, and there's a naked girl mural on the wall behind him.  Yuck.

Sorting through this excessive heterosexism is becoming tedious.  You'd better have an enormous cock or a world-class handsomeness, dude.

Cock: there's a sex tape, but he's literally having sex with a girl. I tried to crop all that junk out. 

Face: In the 2023 movie Fingernails, Jeremy climbs into the shower with someone and starts soaping their back.  I watch with the sound off, and there are no subtitles, so I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl, but given his track record, I'm going to guess girl.  And we see his face.

One more: Jeremy showing off his Little Orphan Annie look.  Sort of a retro drag queen persona, isn't it?

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