Jun 15, 2024

Thiago Alves or Lazzarato. Or is it Tiago or Thyago? Whichever, they all have dicks


I was recommended Thiago Alves, whose instagram is Thiago Lazzarato.

Lazzarato is "a Brazilian model, fitness trainer, role model, gay father, lover, friend, and successful businessman," according to his profile on Alpha Male Style.

Lazzarato and husband

I usually just profile actors, but Lazzarato has just one credit on the IMDB, an episode of Raw Fuck Club, which has been running since 2009, featuring Beau Butler, Colby Melvin, SFStudMonkey, Riley Mitchell, and Cain Marko.  I think it's a gay sex program.

Nevertheless, has 414,000 followers on Instagram, which states that he's  "just a regular gay guy traveling the world with his two chihuahuas, Mozart and Beethoven.  He also has 47 million Tiktok likes and 104 million anyfans likes. 

Nude photos are not hard to find.

Here he's aroused (on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends, anyway).

More after the break

Porn videos are common, too.

But who is  Thiago Alves?

Wikipedia says that he's a Brazilian mixed martial artist and bare-knuckle fighter, born in Fortaleza, Brazil, in 1983, and now living in Florida.  In 2024 he retired from combat sports.  Now he is coaching fighters at the American Top Team camp and doing life- and fitness-training.  From the various ladies he's hugging on his Facebook page, I'm guessing straight.  Not the same person.

There's also a Tiago Alves.

And Thyago Alves, with four acting credits on the IMDB.  He shows a blurry penis in David's Birthday, and a clearer penis, getting a helping hand in XY Gay Men.

Another nude Thiago Alves.  

My conclusion: there are lots of guys named Thiago in Brazil.  I'd better go back to Lazzareto.

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