Aug 1, 2012

Nicholas Hoult: A Gay Adolescence

Born in 1989, Nick Hoult began acting and modeling at the age of six, and first drew attention in About a Boy (2002), as the boy being big-brothered by the man (Hugh Grant).

Then in the British tv series Skins (2007-2008), as the arrogant sociopathic bisexual Tony Stonem.  Bisexuals get nearly a bad a rap in mass media as gay men: they're always stereotyped as duplitious, conniving, mentally unstable, and potentially murderous.

But at least Tony got to work out in his underwear and kiss Maxxie (Mitch Hewer).

In A Single Man (2009), based on the Christopher Isherwood novel about a middle-aged college professor (Colin Firth) trying to adjust to the sudden death of his partner, Nick plays Kenny, the student who tries to involve him in a relationship again.

He also played a gay character in New Boy on the London stage.

Since then, Nick has played a character of unspecified sexual identity in Clash of the Titans and heterosexuals in The X-Men: First Class,  Jack the Giant Slayer, and Warm Bodies.  The latter is particularly heterosexist, with a woman's love transforming R (Nick) from mindless zombie to caring human.

Still, not a bad start.

Whenever he is asked if he is gay in real life, Nick makes a joke: "I was gay, but I gave it up.  It made my eyes water."  I guess that's better than screaming "I'm so insulted!!!!!!"

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