Jul 30, 2017

My 10 Favorite Pictures of Nolan Gould

I haven't watched Modern Family since I got rid of my cable last year, and I didn't like it much to begin with -- the depiction of gay people and women is rather retro, and one gets tired of the trivial problems of rich white people.  But who can help keeping up with Nolan Gould, the 18-year old actor who plays Luke Dunphy?

After Modern Family, he plans to go to film school and become a documentary film maker.  Meanwhile he supports a lot of worthy causes, he reads, and he has a superb physique.  Here are my 10 favorite photos of Nolan:

1. Just getting ready to go scuba diving.

2. I see that he prefers free weights.  I wish they let guys work out shirtless in my gym.

3.  He's got an Evel Knievel thing going on.  How did he squeeze into those super-tight pants?

4. A nice view of his chest hair.

5.  Surfing in Australia.

6. With Jack Griffo in Bora Bora.

7. He's got a lot of cute friends.

8. Thumbs up.

9. This is actually his buddy, Owen Reynoldson, posing with his sister.

10. Probably my favorite Nolan Gould picture.

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