Aug 10, 2017

A Gaggle of Shirtless Jeremys

Somebody found this blog using google search terms "Jeremy naked."  Jeremy who?  The only Jeremys I have posts about are Jackson and Lelliot.  But, just for fun, I put "Jeremy shirtless" into google images to see who popped up.

1. Jeremy Irvine of Stonewall, with his ridiculously huge bulge.  What's he packing, about four rolled-up socks?

2.  Jeremy Renner, who I first saw in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013).    Where did I get the idea that Renner was a twink?  He's 46.

3. 1990s teen heartthrob Jeremy Jackson still has abs.

4. Steven R. McQueen.  Nice physique, but he's no Jeremy.

5. Jeremy Bloom, a football player and Olympic skiier.  No wonder I never heard of him.

More after the break.

6, Jeremy Roloff, the teenager from the reality show Little People, Big World.  Didn't he get in trouble for using homophobic slurs?

7. Jeremy Ryan from The Amazing Race, shown here with his race partner Eric Sanchez.

8.  Someone who tweets as BooShoe37.  I'm guessing his real name is Jeremy?

9. Jeremy Meeks.  A lot of shirtless photos.  I never heard of him, but apparently he's a fashioned model turned convicted felon.

10.  Jeremy Sumpter, from about ten years ago.


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