Apr 16, 2018

Even More Nolan Gould

Modern Family, the oddly popular sitcom about an extended family of annoyingly privileged people in contemporary Los Angeles, began in 2009, with eleven-year old Nolan Gould as the youngest kid in the nuclear-family Pritchetts.  With a very large cast, there wasn't much for him to do, so he was a stereotypic kid for a few seasons, then a stereotyped dull-witted girl-crazy teenager.

And he started to beef up.

You could see the transformation, season by season, sometimes month by month.  The guy is now nineteen years old, and knows his way around a gym.

I haven't watched Modern Family for a while, but I was wondering if Nolan Gould has been showing us any beefcake since I checked last year.

As it turns out, not much.  Just a few pics here and there.

He's got a little chest hair now, compared to last year, a glory trail, and a little pudginess around the abs.

Not that I mind.

A selfie at the gym.  Who hasn't taken one of those?

No fair turning around to flex.

This is an old one, but I love the pale hard chest, like a marble statue. Also the guy he's with is hot.

His old hairstyle.  It's more dorky now.

Way dorky.

But look where he started out.

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  1. Think of Modern Family as the SJW show. Most people would give that title to Steven Universe, which, to be fair, it IS a cartoon, and DOES have fans who tell other fans to kill themselves over drawing a character a bit thinner than canon, but I think Modern Family had them beat: There's the interracial couple where she's an immigrant, the gay couple with a Vietnamese daughter, no mention of the broader world: Economics is particularly verboten. Immigrants, gay people, and all those people in South America and Southeast Asia never live in poverty. Just doesn't happen.

    It's still a good show, but when my generation says SJW, that's...generally what we're talking about.

    1. I remember an early episode where Jay crashes a party thrown by his workers, all Hispanic immigrants, expecting them to welcome him with open arms ("I'm one of them! These are my people!"). He's completely oblivious to the class difference, but they aren't. In late seasons, his employees are all Anglo.


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