Sep 18, 2023

"Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later"

It's 1991, ten years since Camp Firewood, and the gang is pushing 30, and with real ages past 50, still pushing credulity.

Victor, shirtless, muscular, and bulgy, but with a ridiculous toupee, works as a sexy bartender with his heterosexual life partner Neil, and still awkwardly talks about getting laid.  Wait...hasn't he...

Coop has written a tell-all autobiography.

McKinley is a stay-at-home husband to workaholic Ben (Adam Scott, replacing Bradley Cooper).  They have an infant daughter.  This was extremely rare and controversial in 1991, but for some reason it is treated nonchalantly by everyone, as if it's 2019.  Go figure.

And the others have done things....

They all arrive at Camp Firewood for a 24-hour reunion in the 8-episode Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. 

That's right, another 24 hour ludicrous time-dilation tv series, involving drama with the teenage campers,  the snobbish ex-counselors at Camp Tigerclaw, romantic entanglements, a psycho nanny, the talking can of vegetables, the traditional Shakespeare-themed dance that no one has ever mentioned before, a nuclear bomb, and a fistfight between Ronald Reagan and George Bush (did you know that you can see both the Washington Monument and the Capitol from the Oval Office?  Well, you can't.)

Gay couples:  McKinley and Ben, of course, plus several heterosexual life partners.

Beefcake: None.  No water scenes, no stripping down scenes.  But the actors are singularly unattractive anyway, so who cares?

A few of the new cast members are semi-palatable.

1. Adam Scott (top photo) in a suit.

2. Sky Gisondo as Deets, the "new Andy" (the arrogant, self-possessed one).  At least no one does the uvula-licking kissing thing.

3. Mark Feuerstein (left) as Mark.

4. Jai Courtney as actor Garth MacArthur

5.  Joey Bragg as nerd camper Seth

Um, well, that's about it. 

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