Aug 4, 2020

"The Job Guys": :A Gay Couple Works as Hired Thugs, Maybe

Job Guys, on Amazon Prime, is a 15-minute, 12-episode short series about a gay couple working as hired thugs.  At least, that's the impression I got in the first three episodes.

I don't know how the couple,  muscle stud Dominick (Kevin Caliber) and chubby bear Herman (Brandon Fisher), got into the business of beating up people, when they would really rather be entering their souffles in baking contests: Episode 1 starts in media res, with them beating up the wrong guy.  They mis-read the name.

They need a secretary!

On the way to the interview, Janet (Leesa Durst, who looks like the lady from 30 Rock but isn't) knocks out a slezoid who is hitting on her.  She's  a little surprised at the duo's cheap apartment and feminine mannerisms ("Would you like to join us for dinner?  We're going to this little French spot down on Third.  Their escargot is divine.").  But she takes the job.  At least a gay couple won't be hitting on her!

Darn, we just see Herman shirtless, not muscle stud Dominick.

Episode 2: We discover that Dominick is a former fitness model. .  He did the cover of a novel which may be gay porn ("I didn't know there were so many words for dick."), and a shirtless ad for Six Flags (which got him and his boyfriend free season passes).

Dominick yells at Herman for spending their entire advertising budget on the secretary ad in Beat Sheet, a free porn magazine, which is why they have been getting weird applicants.  Wait -- Herman seems to be flirting with a female applicant in a flashback.  Is he just fooling around, or....

Episode 3:  The guys are getting ready for work, in separate bedrooms.  Wait -- they don't sleep together?  I thought they were a couple. They certainly grab and hug a lot.

Dominick's room is full of pop star posters.  Into pop music -- obviously gay.  Wait -- did he just kiss his fingers and then use them to "transfer" the kiss to a lady pop star's boobs?  

They have two jobs today. same client.: clean up a garage before the police arrive, and babysit a kidnapping victim.  But the client turns out to be a teenage girl, who wants them to do her chores. And they don't even get a good Yelp review, because they burned down the garage instead of cleaning it.

We're not seening enough of Dominick's physique.  Or any of it, except on that book cover.  

And I don't think these guys are a couple.  Or even gay.  Next!


  1. My computer is acting up today. First the title had a semincolon beparating the word "couple." I tried to fix it and got two colons. I tried to fix it again, but the two colons wouldn't go away. So I guess I'm stuck with them.

  2. Amazon Prime is so desperate for gay content they will put anything that even suggest homosexuality on

  3. I saw that movie "Cosmos" on Amazon- there was a gay vibe among the trio of scientist- specially the handsome bear who hears the message- I don't know if this was intentional or just having three men in such a closed in space created this homoerotic tension

  4. On Amazon the two guys are described as brothers but they act like lovers so who knows?


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