May 13, 2024

Skyler Gisondo's Hot/Hung Photos, Part 3: Basketball, beach boys, wrestling, giving a guy his leg


This is a collection of cute/cool or hot/humorous photos of  Skyler Gisondo, star of The Santa Clarita Diet and The Righteous Gemstones, and Jimmy Olson in the upcoming Superman: Legacy. As far as I know, he's over 18 in all of them.  He doesn't have any verifiable nude photos online, but some of his friends do, and there are some interesting chatroom and hookup app possibilities.

1. Why is Skyler the only one with his shirt off?

2. "Homie wouldn't help me put sunscreen on my back."  

3. Why not?  Is the dude homophobic, or does he want you to lie on your back so he can see your abs?

4. Obviously they've been wrestling.  I have absolutely no idea what else they could be doing that leaves them on the floor, out of breath.

5. But we're not playing shirts vs. skins, buddy.

6. I dig the lesbian haircut, Sky Baby, but your sweater shrank in the wash.

More ginormous Gisondo after the break. 

7. Skyler plays "Roadcap" in Buttwhistle, which is not about farting.  It's a tearjerker about a dude played by Trevor Morgan, grieving over the loss of his friend and falling in love with a suicidal girl

8. Somebody teach Skyler about photo cropping.  I can barely see his abs.

9.  I'd better not speculate on what's going on here.

10. "What's happening?"  I often ask that when I check your social media posts, Buddy.

11. A boy and his dog cuteness.  I absolutely do not see anything else going on in this photo.

12. Or this one.

The dicks and bulges are on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends

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