Aug 17, 2014

The Three Jacksons

During the late 1990s,  there were three teen idols named Jackson vying for a place in the hearts of gay boys and heterosexual girls.  All three had the wholesome, innocent quality that preteens and tweens find dreamy, and all three played in some movies with gay characters.

Before you start making homophobic comments: I am not stating that they are personally gay, or that they personally played gay characters.  I am merely stating that they appeared in movies or tv series which contained gay characters.

At the time even teen magazines sometimes got them mixed up.  

1. Joshua Jackson (born 1978).  Starred in Dawson's Creek (1998-2003) with John Wesley Shipp, plus:
 Apt Pupil (1998): Brad Renfro has a homoerotic subtext.
Cruel Intentions (1999): Joshua plays a gay stereotype.
The Skulls (2000): homoerotic buddy bonding.
The Laramie Project (2002): gay themed
Lone Star State of Mind (2003):  a movie with gay characters in it.
Cursed (2005): a movie with gay characters in it.

Distinguishing characteristics:not photographed shirtless very often; not particularly buffed or tanned, but still quite attractive. Still popular, star of the heterosexist paranormal sci-fi series Fringe.  Strong gay ally.  Appeared in the GLAAD Media Awards.

2. Jeremy Jackson (born 1980). Played on Baywatch (1991-1999) as Hobie, son of head lifeguard David Hasselhoff, plus:
Ring of Darkness (2004):  gay character.
DTLA (2012): tv series about gay men.

Distinguishing characteristics: always shirtless, always tanned.  Bodybuilder's physique. Doesn't mind semi-nude shots; guest Chippendale dancer. Conservative Evangelical Christian who is pro-gay.

3. Jonathan Jackson (born 1982). Starred as Lucky on General Hospital (1993-1999), plus:
The Deep End of the Ocean (1999): gay character
Trapped in a Purple Haze (2000); gay character

Raised Seventh-Day Adventist, converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity.  Doesn't like gay people. ( I got this from an interview in which he stated that he wouldn't work with gay people. )
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