Dec 20, 2013

James Marsden: Former Teen Idol Plays Gay, with Kissing and Everything

You don't need a face shot to distinguish James and Jason Masden.  James has a more ripped physique, which he tends to display with constant semi-nude scenes, plus full nudity in Death at a Funeral (2010).  (Jason is cute too, of course).

A popular teen idol of the 1990s, James appearing on teencoms like Saved by the Bell: The New Class and its Canadian clone, Boogie's Diner.  His first starring role came in Second Noah (1996-97), a dramedy about a family (including the Torgerson Twins) who live near Busch Gardens in Florida.

His most famous dramatic role as a teen idol was Disturbing Behavior (1998): the new kid in town (Marsden) teams up with his new buddy (fellow teen idol Nick Stahl) and The Girl to uncover a plot to turn all of the kids into perfect Stepford Teens.

Gossip (2000) is about a college student (Marsden) and his roommates, a boy and a girl, concocting gossip for a class project. But are his roommates really his friends?

As an adult, he is probably most famous for the X-Men series, where he plays Cyclops, but he has also done some serious dramatic roles, such as The Notebook.

The Oklahoma-born actor was "a little uncomfortable" around gay people when he first moved to Los Angeles, but he soon got over it: he hangs out in gay bars, he's been interviewed in The Advocate and Out, and he's played gay characters twice, with kissing and everything.

The 24th Day (2004): Dan (Marsden) and Tom (Scott Speedman) have a one-night stand that goes wrong.

Heights (2005): a Manhattan lawyer (Marsden) about to marry a woman finds his world turned upside down when his photographer ex shows up with an exhibition about the men he's been with "on the downlow."

He also had a noteworthy appearance on Modern Family, as a free spirit who befriends Cam and Mitchell.


  1. I just saw him in the movie '24th day' (second time) and my gaydar blew up! He oozes sex all over the place, those blue eyes and smile would melt a bronze statue of 'David!' His sexual orientation seems enigmatic (at least to me) in that he is known to visit gay bars (in one case with his cast mates-'X men?') appears in several gay oriented films, is definitely a friend of Dorothy's and there was a surprised divorce; a quickie hookup soon after the divorce which resulted in him fathering a son and lately in another relationship with a female rock star! Yet in other gossip blogs, the posters share rumors about him dipping his toes in our 'pool!'Obviously, he has to be at least bi, if not gay. What do you think?

    1. I've gotten dozens of celebrity hookup stories, but never any about him. Of course, I always mix him up with Jason Marsden, who I find more attractive.

    2. "Friend of Dorothy" doesn't actually mean gay ally. It's an old code phrase for "gay." Some people think that it's derived from Judy Garland (Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz"), but it seems to precede her role as a 1950s gay icon. It may derive from Dorothy Parker, the Algonquin wit who had many gay friends.


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