Dec 23, 2015

Noah Fleiss: 1990s Child Star Homophobia

Gay teens in the 1990s liked teenage Noah Fleiss for the beefcake: he appeared in his underwear in nearly every movie, often in the midst of autoerotic activity.

They disliked him for his roles as troubled, wounded, and abused kids in depressing, usually homophobic movies.

Josh and S.A.M. (1993).  Concerned about "accusations" that he is gay, Josh (Jacob Tierney) concocts a wild scheme to prove his straightness, including convincing his brother Sam (Noah Fleiss) that he is a cyborg (S.A.M.).

It's not a comedy.

Chasing the Dragon (1996): A woman becomes addicted to heroin, and her son suffers.

Bad Day on the Block (1997): A deranged firefighter terrorizes his family, including his son.

Joe the King (1999): An abused kid commits crime and slips in and out of reality (left)

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her (2000).  A woman is shocked to discover that her son  is sexually active (top photo)

Double Parked (2000): A mother is concerned when her asthmatic son (Fleiss) becomes friends with the son of her abusive ex-husband.

Storytelling (2001): Brady (Fleiss) worries about the gay rumors concerning his older brother Scooby (Mark Livingston).

Brick (2005): While searching for his missing girlfriend, Brandon encounters the sleazy, gay-vague drug dealer Tugger (Fleiss, left).

Ok, but has he done any gay-positive roles?

Two of them:

The Favor (2001):  straight teen Steve (Fleiss) agrees to buy gay porn for his closeted friend Boomer (Jared Hillman).

The Laramie Project (2002): he plays Shannon, one of the friends of homophobic killer Aaron McKinley, who thinks it's all a big joke.


  1. Josh and S.A.M. is a good adventure movie, reminded me of Motorama.

  2. One additional comment regarding the Josh and S.A.M. movie: As a retired railroad employee, I cringed at the scene of the young people playing around moving trains. This is very dangerous and can result in death or amputation.

  3. Is THE FAVOR (2001) a short film or full length? I am having difficulty locating it online. Any suggestions?

    1. It's a short, and only 5 minutes long. This post is from 2014, but I don't think I actually saw it. I just looked it up on IMDB

  4. It seems that short gay films such as "The Favor" from 2001 (I am using this as an example) are difficult to find online. Are you aware of any sites Boomer where they can be found? I have used different search engines to no avail.


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