Feb 20, 2014

Thomas Gibson: Gay-Free since 1998

We often see actors taking gay roles when they're young and struggling.  Then when they become famous, the gay roles fade into oblivion as they concentrate on "real" heterosexual characters.

You may know Thomas Gibson as grim, non-nonsense FBI agent Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds (2005-2014), or as the uptight yuppie dating a free spirit hippie on Dharma and Greg (1997-2002).

I don't.  I've never seen a single episode of either of those programs.

But I remember when he was playing gay characters.

Love & Human Remains (1993): gay waiter David (Gibson) and his roommate-ex girlfriend Candy look for love amid a serial killer's rampage.  It's a comedy.

Tales of the City (1993): Scheming San Francisco bisexual Beauchamp Day (Gibson) seduces everybody in sight.  He reprises the role in More Tales of the City (1998).

Psycho Beach Party (2000): a send-up of the 1960s beach movies. Gibson plays the popular but seedy surf honcho Kanaka.

He plays a surprising number of scheming, popular but seedy yuppie types.  Unfortunately, exclusively heterosexual ones during the last 13 years.  But at least he still displays a nice physique.

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