Apr 9, 2016

Hank Williams: A Dynasty of Homophobia

Hank Williams (1923-1953) was an Alabama boy who suffered from poverty, heartbreak, physical injury, alcoholism, all of the woes that fuel the ballads, meanwhile writing mournful songs that formed the genre.  Some are recognizable even to people who hate country-western music:

"Lovesick Blues"
"Why Don't You Love Me Anymore"
"Lonesome Whistle"
"Hey, Goodlookin'"
"Honky-Tonk Blues"
"I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive"

He was a lifelong Republican who proclaimed it an "honor" to support President Eisenhower.  We don't know about his attitude toward gay people, but one can probably assume that he didn't cotton to them much.

Here's a photo that seems to show him nude.

He died of a heart attack on January 1, 1953, at the age of 29, leaving a son.

Hank Williams Jr. (born 1949) began his career by covering his dad's songs, but soon struck out on his own, blending country with blues and rock.  More experimental, he has not had quite the impact of Hank Sr., but he has won some accolades for songs like:

"Born to Boogie"
"My Name is Bocephus"
"Ain't Misbehavin'"
"All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight"

A lifelong Republican, his extremist views have caused controversy.  He has called President Obama "the Enemy," compared him to Hitler, and claimed that he's "a Muslim who hates America and loves gays."

Naturally he hates "queer guitar pickers," proclaiming homophobia as an American tradition.

Hank Williams III (born 1972) does country-western, capitalizing on his uncanny resemblance to his grandfather, but he is primarily interested in punk and heavy metal.  He is principal vocalist for the punk band Assjack, and he has also performed with the punk-metal groups Arson Anthem and Superjoint Ritual.

His albums have won some acclaim, too:
Straight to Hell
Thrown Out of the Bar
Rebel Within

As crazy...um, I mean conservative...as his dad, he disapproves of liberal actor Tom Hiddleston (top photo) playing the original Hank Williams in a biopic, and includes the line that he "don't want no faggot looking at him" in his anthem "Dick in Dixie."

Well, here he is.  Take a look.

But at least his sister Holly, Hank Jr's daughter, is a gay ally who loves her lesbian following.

 "Growing up, my best friend was gay," she tells Nashville Pride.  "He was invited to all of my slumber parties."

Hear that, Hanks?  There was one of them in your house!

The uncensored photo of Hank Sr. is on Tales of West Hollywood.


  1. To be fair, it's 50s Republican. The Clinton years really pushed the Overton window so far right, Barry Goldwater was to the left of most Dems in Washington when he died. Even on issues where we're clearly better off now than we were in the 50s, the DLC wanted to take us back to the 20s.

    Conversely, Republicans mainly embraced bigots, starting with Nixon, because they couldn't win on bread and butter issues. Even Ike was pretty much only a Republican because he'd fought alongside one-party states and against one-party states; he wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  2. What about sam williams . He wears make up and Is a gat ally. I love sam to death . Take a look at his Instagram posts . Very open minded .

    1. Sam Williams came out as gay. 🌈

  3. what did Elvis and Hank williams have common?
    1) loved their mothers Elvis - gladys & Hank's - Lillian?
    2) both taught guitar from black man?
    3.) both used drugs ?
    4.)sang with twang probarbly from R/B Rockbilly?
    5)Had wife or G'f always had Spare on the side?
    6) if they got gal pg theyd fix the problems lol?
    7) Womanizers loved women -cheat in heartbeat lol
    8)both raised poor made it to the top?
    9) both had soft spot for their baby ?
    10) both sang hymms religious songs?
    11)both had unique style got from something?
    12)both start out play on the road at gigs?
    13)Both was not racist would be friends with blacks?
    14)Both were southern men born in South?
    15)Both Had friends Enjoy partying Goof around?
    16)Both had Hot Tempers could get upset easy?
    17)Both was not afraid violence react accordingly?
    18)Both loved their _ _ _ Enjoy use them?
    19)Both were known to the authorities ?
    20)Both let outside influences lead astray?
    21)Both loved Southern Food (wholesome)
    22)Both lived Shanty with no Electricity?
    23)Both loved Flashy clothes enjoy wear them?
    24)Both took care of their Wives/Ex with $$$?
    25)Both enjoy going Fish use bait?
    26)Both Enjoy Nitelife Partying all hours til dawn?
    27)Both had Friends drove places for them?
    28)Both are Legends print books/media?
    29) Both played at Grand Ole Opry?
    30)Both had a Daughter?https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2013/04/18/177733297/ricin-suspect-described-as-conspiracist-elvis-impersonator
    31)Both Legendary Records ?
    32) Hank 53 & Elvis 54?
    33) Elvis sang Hank williams Songs?
    34) Ex/Wives Jealous of their Men's other Women?

  4. Thanks for posting the truth about two legends most uninformed liberals would label them nazis because they are white and from the south.


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