Jul 28, 2017

Benjamin Lasnier, the Shirtless Internet Sensation and His Hot Male Friends

Danish teenager Benjamin Lasnier started his internet career two years ago, and quickly acquired over 6 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (400 likes in 10 seconds).

His songs, available on youtube, itunes, and tunein, include "Love You Out Loud" (2015). "Everythang" (2016), and "Somebody to Hurt" (2017).

He's been called "The Hottest Young Singer Out Now" and a "Justin Bieber Looklike," but I think he looks better than the contemporary tattoo-covered Bieber.

He's got a professional album out now, and has won a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award.

He's also good at posting physique pics on his social media sites.

And he has some hot male friends.

Well, actually, quite a lot of hot male friends.

I don't know if he's gay or not, but the lyrics I saw weren't heterosexist.

And he has A LOT of hot male friends.

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