Apr 19, 2019

The Sons of the Incredible Hulk

When you're the child of the Incredible Hulk and a personal trainer, muscles are a constant part of your life, so you'd have to expect Lou Ferrigno's kids to be rather buffed.

Born in 1984, Lou Ferrigno Jr., aka Sweet Lou, played football at USC and made his acting debut in two of David DeCoteau's beefcake horror movies, Hercules Unbound and Night of the Widow (2012).  Since then, he's been on soaps, commercials, Teen Wolf, and How I Met Your Mother

He's also a comedian, motivational speaker, and all-around hunk.

Born in 1990, Brent has not yet expressed any interest in an acting career.  But he did appear in the reality tv series The Incredible Ferrignos (2011), along with his parents and siblings, to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The family that flexes together, stays together.


  1. The only horror in Hercules Unbound is the acting. And the production quality. And the repeated violation of "show, don't tell". If you're making a Greek mythology beefcake movie, I expect wrestling, javelin throw, foot races...Not just standing around posing.

  2. He is in another one of those David DeCoteau cute guys in the underwear thrillers -" Night of the Black Widow" but he is the only one who keeps his clothes on- smart guy.

  3. Lou Jr. is now on the tv series "S.W.A.T.".

  4. Jr is cute but Brent has more of his father's broodingly Italian features, would love to see more of him.


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