Oct 15, 2021

"A Million Little Things": A Million Little Tearjerkers, One Gay Kid


"They say that friendship isn't a big thing -- it's a million little things."  I never heard that saying until it was used as the title of a tv series on Hulu about a group of elite, entitled, self-absorbed young adults "dealing with life's curveballs."  

So, is A Million Little Things a Friends clone: Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA?  Nope. The episode synopses reveal angst, pain, and trauma ad nauseam.  This is a tearjerker!

Let's see how many terrible things happen to the friends.

1. Jon (Ron Livingston)
 starts the chain of angst by killing himself in the first scene.  Trying to determine his motive fuels some of the plot. Well, there's some shady business deals, and a woman he had an affair with, who shows up with a teenage son in tow.

And his daughter, Sophie, is sexually abused by her music teacher.

 His widow, #2. Delilah, was having an affair, and got pregnant by: 

3. Eddie (David Giutoni, top), an aspiring musician, a recovering alcoholic, and cheating on #4: his wife Katherine, a lawyer.

Jon and Delilah's son Danny (Chance Hurstfield) is gay, and a drama club kid (of course).  For a change of pace, his biggest angst is worrying that his first kiss will be with a girl on stage (he's been cast as Danny in Grease) instead of with a boy.

#5. Rome
(Romany Malco, left), an aspiring filmmaker, is suffering from drug addiction.  He is dating Gina, who is suffering from financial woes. 

Rome's wife, #6 Regina, is traumatized by being sexually assaulted by her uncle Neill at age 12, so she tracks him down, but he dies before she can confront him. Her mother is also a victim.  

#7 Gary
(James Roday Rodriguez), a breast cancer survivor, is dating fellow cancer survivor #8 Maggie, whose cancer returns and gives her six months to live.  She dumps him because she doesn't want a boyfriend at her deathbed

Later, Gary starts dating Floriana, a soldier suffering from PTSD.

Maggie, by the way, has brother, Chad, who died in a car crash due to DUI.  Eric (Jason Ritter) shows up, claiming to have Chad's transplanted heart, but he actually has his sister's.  She died in the car crash, too.

Keeping track?  I counted 18 tearjerkers.  And I skipped over some of the boring "stalled music career" and "can't get a bank loan to open my ritzy restaurant" woes


  1. Never watched and, from the description I won't. Doesn't sound much like "Friends" to me at all. Was that meant to be ironic?

    1. I asked if it was a "Friends" clone in the second paragraph, before I investigated the show. If you read farther, you'll discover what I found out in the investigation.

  2. Hi Boomer, Have you checked out Netflix's "Pretty Smart" yet? A very muscular Gregg Sulkin is in it!

    1. I've seen a couple of episodes. A shirtless Gregg is almost worth the admission price.


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