Dec 15, 2021

"Bonus Family": Swedish Family Drama with Some Hunks and Maybe Gay Representation


Netflix says that I have a 93% match for A Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljan), a Swedish family drama that lasted for four seasons (2017-2021).  I don't go in much for family dramas -- why watch the marital problems of heterosexual couples, when I could be watching intergalactic battles or zombie apocalypses?  But I'll check out the premise to see if there are any hunks or proto-hunks.

1, Secondary school teacher Patrik (Erik Johannon, old photo or someone else) is married to Lisa, a stay at home Mom. They both have amicable relationships with their exes.

2. Lisa's ex-husband Martin (Fredrick Hallgren) works in a mattress shop, and dates a variety of women.

3. Patrick's ex-wife Katya works as an architect and dates a variety of men, notably Henrik (Niklas Engdahl) and Branco (Dragomir Mrsic, left).

4. The extended family has three kids: sons Eddie (Frank Dorsin, left) and William (Jacob Lundqvist), both 16-17 in the last season, and daughter Bianca, a young adult.

Frank Dorsin seems quite feminine; I might sample a Season 4 episode to see if his character is gay or trans.

Sample Results: Eddie has very few scenes; most involving being too lazy to do his chores.  William gets an entire plot arc about his decision to change high schools, from science-focused to music-focused, supported by his grandmother but opposed by his parents and the exes.  Neither have friendships outside the family.

5. Daugther Bianca is dating Mateo (Dakota Trancher Williams) 

6. Martin the Mattress Shop guy has a lesbian mother with a girlfriend, and a bohemian coworker, Sebbe (Leo Razzak, right).

7. Drag artist Christer Lindarw appears in 13 episodes as Danny, Mom's health care worker, so there must be some additional gay representation in Season 4.

Sample Results: Danny is flamboyant, but never does drag.  He has no friends outside the family.

8. Teo Dellback appears in a plot arc about Patrick manhandling a student in class after he asks if Patrick "blows the principal." He's a little young to be a hunk, but noteworthy because Google says he does not exist. 



  1. Erik Johansson is not in the first picture, but in the third - on the right

  2. The trailer looks very heterosexist


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