Dec 4, 2023

Blair Jackson: Fitness model, stripper, deputy, blond, brunette. Only his abs stay the same


Blair Jackson has nine acting credits on the IMDB, notably Terminator: Dark Fate and something called Psycho Stripper (the psycho is male).  Plus The Righteous Gemstones and four episodes of Deputy, starring Stephen Dorf, 

I went through them on fast-forward, but couldn't find him, maybe because his look keeps changing: blond, brunette, short hair, curly hair.  Only his abs and cock stay about the same

Link to NSFW version

Blair is also a personal trainer, and he has done some fitness modeling.  As you can probably tell.

I can't tell from his social media whether he is gay or just gay-positive, but his instagram contains lots of photos with guys and no girls.

A lot of guys

On the other hand, he calls this a bromance, a romantic relationship between straight guys.

And he calls this Paradise.  I'd rather check out the museums.

There are nude and bulge photos on Righteous Gemstones Beefcake and Boyfriends

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