Jul 24, 2013

Ant Farm: Disney Channel Fail

The Disney Channel is usually good at providing gay subtexts in its teencoms, but A.N.T. Farm (2011-), about students in a school for the gifted, leaves me cold.  Maybe it's because I've only been able to sit through two episodes, but I find it unremittingly heterosexist.

Bffs Chyna, a musical prodigy, and Olive, an intellectual giant, spend most of their time getting unrequited crushes on guys and fending off guys with unrequited crushes on them.

Such as Fletcher (Jake Short, left), an aspiring artist -- but not to worry, art doesn't equate gender transgression; he uses it entirely for failed attempts to impress Chyna.  He doesn't have a sidekick.

The main antagonist is a computer hacker, Angus (Aedn Mincks, left), who has a crush on Olive, and doesn't bond with anyone.

Devin Weitz (right), a young actor with autism, appeared in a guest spot, but didn't bond with anyone.

Billy Unger (top photo) also had a guest spot as an Aussie outback expert who bedevils Fletcher.

Cameron (Carlon Boomerrey), Chyna's older brother, is girl-crazy as well, and doesn't bond with Fletcher.  He does join the Beauty Club, but only to keep tabs on his girlfriend, and it backfires when all of the girls mob him.

This is the same It's a Laugh production company responsible for gay-subtext faves Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Lab Rats, so why the dearth of subtexts?

Several of the cast members, including Jake Short and Devin Weitz, are evangelical Christians, which is often associated with homophobia.

Maybe there's a connection?

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