May 4, 2017

Beefcake and Bulges in Surfing Art

I expected paintings about surfing to highlight buffed male bodies and bulging swimsuits, but they tend to emphasize gigantic waves and crashing surf, making the bodies as small and insignificant as in traditional Chinese paintings.  Or they emphasize the surfing babes.  I only found a few that showed some beefcake.

Nathan Miller shows a buffed Polynesian in blue shorts against a stylized surf.

Bill Ogden shows a muscular, long-haired blond guy fighting a giant wave.

Michael Cass gives us a frontal view of the red swim trunks, with an almost photographic precision.

Vividly colored but stylized, Douglas Simonson's surfer polishes his board in rainbow colors.

Georgi Dmitrov offers a realistic surfer, but he's surfing on a shark.

More after the break.

Cathryn Hatfield.  I like the blond hair and brightly striped pants.

Colleen Gnos.  Photo-realism of a surfer driving his old car to the beach.

Wade Kaniakowski.  Canoes Lounge at Waikiki Beach

By Jay Alders.  Elongated, scary, with clouds like ghosts and a brown wave that looks like the entrance to the afterlife.  The last wave of the old beach bum.

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