Jun 21, 2017

10 Shirtless Pictures of Daniel Skye, Sort of

I never heard of 17-year old Daniel Skye before, but apparently he's one of the top teen idols in the U.S.  
He's got 9 songs listed on AZ Lyrics, all about love, 5 of the 9 using an incessant "girl! girl! girl!"

Sounds horribly heterosexist.

But I still googled "Daniel Skye" and "shirtless" to see what pops up.

1. Two guys, maybe one is Daniel.

2. I'm pretty sure this is Boo Boo Stewart.

3. Blue eyes.

4. Nice abs.  I'm not usually into earrings, but that black one makes his face.

5.  Exceptionally big hair.

More after the break.

6.  Google Images says this is Daniel Skye, but the photo is entitled "Hayden Grier."  Somebody who sings while lying on a rock.

7. Four guys.  Daniel likes his group shots.

8.  This guy is obviously over 18, or he wouldn't be posing in underwear.  Same big hair, though.

9. Somebody bulked up.

10. Did I ever tell you about my hookup with Greg Sulkin?

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  1. In the top photo, the boy pointing and holding the blue shirt is Cameron Dallas of YouTube and social media fame. Photo 2 is Boo Boo Stewart. Photo 6 is YouTuber Hayes Grier, who, along with older brother Nash, is a major social media star.


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