Dec 12, 2017

Sandy Ricks in Trouble

It's been 50 years since Sandy and Bud Ricks appeared on the Boys with their Shirts Off Show, aka Flipper (1964-67).

It was about two boys and their dad living in the Florida Everglades.  In each episode, one or both would get into a jam, and their pet dolphin Flipper would rush to their aid.  Sort of like an aquatic version of Lassie.

Except neither of the boys owned a shirt

Dad was shirtless sometimes, too.

And the show was in color, giving you clear, bright, beautifully detailed views of muscular chests and taunt biceps.  Especially when they were tied up, and straining at the ropes.

I never saw Flipper during its first run -- it was on Sunday night, when we were in church.  But millions of Baby Boomer kids watched, enthralled by the endless teenage beefcake, getting their first glimmers of same-sex desire.

And they remember.

My childhood favorite was Bud (Tommy Norden), with his impossibly buffed physique, but most Boomer kids seem to have favored the lithe, slim Sandy (Luke Halpin).

Today you can go to an online archive where a fan has digitized thousands of screencaps and pictures of Luke Halpin, and there's plenty of fan art.

On, aard4447 envisions a meeting between Sandy and Robin the Boy Wonder of Batman (1966-68).

Bondageincomics draws Sandy bound and gagged, being kidnapped, and left to drown.  If only Flipper were here!

Korak225 gives us another Sandy Ricks kidnapping scene.

And Sandy being untied by his brother Bud.

Or maybe tied.  Bud was always jealous of Sandy's teen idol status, after all.

All drawings copyrighted by their respective owners.

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  1. Nickelodeon used to show reruns in the 80s. Lots of reruns of Boomer shows back then.

    Oh, now autocorrect is turning shows into shoes just to spite me.


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