Sep 12, 2019

Mid90s: Drugs, Suicide, Homophobia, and Pedophilia

Jonah Hill says "It was important to tell the truth" in Mid90s, his directorial debut, and hopefully his swan song.  I think it's more important to not make viewers sick.

When I searched for one of the cast members, Gio Galicia, this photo came up, with the caption "Screenshot of Bohemian Rhapsody."    It's obviously from Mid90s, not Bohemian Rhapsody, nor is Gio Galicia in the shot.

Goes to show how f*ked up this movie is.

Oh, sorry, we're being real.  The movie is fucked up.  It's a piece of shit.  It is especially offensive to gay viewers, even though producer Scott Rudin is gay.

It's a Kids reboot about a little boy named Stevie, 13 years old but played by 12-year old Sunny Suljic.  Apparently Jonah Hill cast him deliberately to get someone who looked "young."  He's living with his neglectful mother and abusive older brother (Lucas Hedges, top photo) in Los Angeles in the mid-90s.

I lived in Los Angeles in the mid-90s.  It was great.

Stevie tries to alleviate his pain by hanging out with some older kids at a skate park.

Way older.  Their leader, Ray, is played by 25-year old Na-Kel Smith.

Stevie learns to smoke marijuana, fight, get drunk, and use racist and homophobic language (every other word is "fag"),

I agree that it's "real"  There are real racist, homophobic assholes in the world.  Why make a movie about them?

Of course Stevie has sex (with a girl played by a 23-year old actress).

That's a Class 1 Felony. Even pretending to have sex with a 13-year old is inappropriate.

But Stevie's newfound drug abuse and prepubescent sexual activity does not bring happiness.  He gets two head injuries, one in a skateboarding accident and the other in a car accident, and attempts suicide.

One would expect at least some buddy-bonding among the skateboarders.  But they mostly argue, posture, and fight.  .

\No beefcake.  We see Stevie's prepubescent body, of course, and Ian (his older brother) briefly in his underwear as he's beating up Stevie. 

Here's the only shirtless photo of a cast member I could find, Olan Prenatt, who plays  Fuckshit.

My rating:Is there anything lower than F-?

How about fuckshit?


  1. Coming-of-age dramas are like catnip for pedos and always have been. You haven't said though why this film is offensive to gays though. If Scott Rudin is a gay man who wants to direct movies about children having sex it's hardly going to rock anyone's world. And there are plenty of pictures of Sunny Suljic shirtless here.

    1. I thought that the homophobic language was offensive, a lot of "fags" thrown about. The director is actually Jonah Hill, who stated that he thought about not using homophobic language, but wanted the movie to be "real."

  2. It actually sounds like the mid-90s to me. Everything was "so gay". And we were still navigating the idea of boys' consent, if the crime of rape was more about virginity or what; then again, even showing your dick to your secretary was presidential material. (Trump isn't the only president to attend Epstein's parties; it takes a village to cover up that kind of scandal.)

    Yeah, it sounds shitty, but the whole decade was a joyless slog. Now, can we end this 90s nostalgia trip before someone brings back Zuba pants?

    1. I remember the 1990s fondly, but I spent the entire decade in gay neighborhoods, rarely speaking to anyone who wasn't gay or seeing any movie or tv show that wasn't gay themed, and I certainly never watched/read mainstream news.

    2. O sweet summer child. You had mainstream news sources asking about racial differences in IQ and saying "both sides have a point". You had the discovery that the "center" is not somewhere between the left and the right, but a group of cloudcuckoolanders who are basically like weeaboos, but for China instead of Japan, and really want us to adopt all of the PRC's worst policies.

    3. Sweet summer child? I remember the "Bell Curve" debate, but nothing about centrist political positions or a preference of China instead of Japan in politics.

  3. The only debate I remember about The Bell Curve was between those who'd read it and those who hadn't.


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